I Have Wasted Years Thinking I’m Not Good Enough. - rocketMBA

I Have Wasted Years Thinking I’m Not Good Enough....

I Have Wasted Years Thinking I’m Not Good Enough.

(Medium) Blogger and Coach Jon Westenberg wrote a great, and refreshingly honest piece about how we all will have a better and happier life if we “stop focusing on not being good enough.” Instead, Westenberg suggests, we need to believe that we are, “or can be, or will be good enough.” He argues how the media we consumed and the messages we heard growing up make us believe we are not good enough. And he proposes strategies that can help internalizing the idea that we are in fact, good enough.

Also, have a look at the piece we published last week on “Dear Evan Hansen” – an excellent Broadway musical that has a similar message.

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